How Can I Promote My University Club?

This post was taken from Surviving Studenthood from here. Hey Everyone! A great comment/question was left in their humorous post “The Only Sober Apple in a Drunk Barrel” and we thought other students may be interested in our answer. If you are starting a new university-affiliated club, or maybe you are part of a well-established club […]

How to do good in University?

Taken from here by Surviving Studenthood. If you are in university, this is probably right around the time you feel like hell, with exams, papers and a million readings that you put off, even though you swore this was the year you would keep up. Don’t fear, you are not alone. My younger sister came […]

How is CS in QMUL?

Computer Science is a highly regarded degree for the present world where you can learn about programming. Computer Science degree teaches all the basics that are required to understand and apply the skills in the industry for making creative designs and works. Every year there are more than 300 students in this course and after […]

How is EEE in QMUL?

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (H600) is a field of study which teaches about the relevant Electrical and Electronic systems. QMUL has all the world-class modules and teachers to teach the course. Students get the Opportunity to learn and apply the skills on the go. They learn about how to work in the industry and like […]

What is Russel Group?

The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivaled links with business and the public sector.   Our research-intensive, world-class universities play an important part in the intellectual life of the UK and have huge social, economic and cultural […]