How is CS in QMUL?

Computer Science is a highly regarded degree for the present world where you can learn about programming.

Computer Science degree teaches all the basics that are required to understand and apply the skills in the industry for making creative designs and works.

Every year there are more than 300 students in this course and after graduating they get employed right away because of the highly efficient skills they achieve the degree.

Electronic Engineering and Computer Science have a department of its own in QMUL, known as EECS together. This department has formed by World Class teachers from around the world.

One of the modules in the first year is Procedural Programming which is taught by Paul who is a very good teacher. We learned about Java programming which was the first programming touch we got in our study lives.

Some of the learning from the degree are Algorithms and structures, Software engineering, and Bayesian analysis, Probability and Matrices, Image Processing and other interesting modules.

Another interesting fact about the degree is it consists of Final Year thesis projects directly coordinated by the Supervisors to learn and apply the skill sets gained during the course.

Some prospective employers for IT and CS from QMUL,

Big 4, HSBC, Citi Bank, Asset management firms and lot other London companies.

London Fintech World also requires CS graduates.

Overall, I would say it is definitely a good idea to study in QMUL with this degree if you want to get World Class education.

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