How is EEE in QMUL?

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (H600) is a field of study which teaches about the relevant Electrical and Electronic systems.

QMUL has all the world-class modules and teachers to teach the course. Students get the Opportunity to learn and apply the skills on the go. They learn about how to work in the industry and like all the other courses, this course is designed for Industrial Success.

The relevant modules included,

Analogue Circuits

Digital Circuits

Signals and Systems

Communication systems

Control systems

Power Electronics

Electrical Systems

Electrical Devices and Applications

Microprocessor Systems Design

And others.

The course teaches you from the basics of Electronics then move on to Electrical and Power Systems in the last year of the degree.

QMUL also has a dedicated workspace for the projects and labs. QMUL Electronics Lab was one of my favorite spots as I have been working on my other side projects during the studies.

I have also been involved in making a start-up where most of the work I did was in this lab. The lab is in the Engineering Building where it has other departments and Labs on other floors.

QMUL also has another facility except for Library for students of EECS where we could work on the projects on our own time. The facility is known as ITL (Informatics Teaching Laboratory).

The teachers were very supportive and I would definitely say I had a quality education from this respected University.

Now I would have to say if you have a particular career interest mainly being Robotics, designing electrical systems, making new electronic circuits or Internet of Things technologies. This is the course for you.

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